What's In It For You?

THE PURPOSE OF Crush Pessimism is to give you tools to help you protect yourself against infection by pessimism. There are many different ways pessimism can worm its way into your mind without your consent (learn more about that here), but if you have the tools, you can protect yourself. We also provide you with the tools to rid yourself of any "pessimism infection" you already have. What will these tools do for you? They will make you stronger, healthier, more motivated, more productive, more persistent, and you'll feel better. Whenever you feel demoralized or disheartened on your way to your goal, you will have the know-how you need to undemoralize yourself. You will have more determination than you ever thought possible. You will be more successful, whatever your goals are.

We've also got tools here to help you help others cure their pessimism infections.

In other words, Crush Pessimism shows you how to feel better more often, and how to help your loved ones feel better
without reducing your effectiveness in life. In fact, you and your loved ones will feel better while increasing your effectiveness.

You will find the tools here to accomplish something very specific. The tools will help you feel better and do better by learning to protect yourself against pessimism infections, and curing whatever infections you may have gotten already. Result: You'll be happier, healthier, and more successful.

Even though I'm talking about something very specific, it has a broad effect on your life. Your level of pessimism influences every important element of your life. The reason pessimism has so much influence on so many different areas is that we're talking about the source of determination. At each little crossroad of your life, at each little setback you get several times a day, you will respond with either determination or discouragement. Over time, your responses one way or the other will have enormous consequences. You can learn here what causes which response, and how to make your responses more and more determined. It can't be done with willpower. You have to know how it works. That's what this crushing pessimism is all about.

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